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I strongly believe in the process of collaboration and the exchange of different perspectives. The most explosive creative conversations tend to lead to the most innovative work. I always strive to create an open and collaborative atmosphere on set to not only craft the best possible films, but also for everyone to enjoy the process.


My style is inspired by photographers such as Saul Leiter, with an obstructed view and the use of reflections, and I’m not afraid of bold colours and crafted colour pallets. I’m fascinated by the subconscious emotional response to the crafted image and lighting, and how human visual perception influences storytelling in film. Each film is different and each story needs a different form of visual care and tenderness. 


My work has been featured in The Guardian and in BAFTA-accredited festivals such as Aesthetica Short Film Festival, IDFA, Sheffield Doc Fest, London Short Film Festival, and many more. My most recent work includes HARM - a feature film for BBC4. I just finished shooting a Feature Documentary for Channel 4 premiering later in the year.  

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