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Trailer - BENEATHA'S PLACE - The Young Vic 
Written and directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah

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Trailer - Recognition - Talawa Theatre
Co-created by Amanda Wilkin and Rachael Nanyonjo

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DRIVING TO WORK V1.00_00_25_20.Still001.jpg
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Trailer - All of it - Royal Court Theatre
Co-directed by Vicky Featherstone and Sam Pritchard

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Trailer - Samskara - The Yard Theatre
Written and directed by Lanre Malaolu

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Music Recording BTS - Samskara - The Yard Theatre
Written and directed by Lanre Malaolu

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Rehearsals Film - Glow - Royal Court Theatre 
Dir. Vicky Featherstone

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Editor for Trouble in Mind - National Theatre
Dir Nancy Medina 

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HARM - Full Lenght Show - Bush Theatre for BBC4
Dir Atri Banerjee 
(highest viewing figures for Culture in Quarantine series)

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Promotional Film for Backstage courses
National Youth Theatre

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HALF BREED - Full Lenght Show - Soho Theatre for BBC4
Dir. Miranda Cromwell

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Trailer for Human - Circus show - Diverse City 
Dir Claire Hodgson and Billy Alwen

Full show recording- SHUCK ‘N’ JIVE - Soho Theatre 
Dir Lakesha Arie-Angelo

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